We at Confidence Company seek to exploit trust to make everyone happy and our constant slogan (We create happiness) so we seek to achieve our goals through strategies and principles consistent with the vision of the Arab Republic of Egypt to keep pace with developments and these are our highest goals

About Us

Confidence was established by Mr. Alaa Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud in 2019 AD to be a company specialized in advertising, organizing events and conferences in its various branches. The company also provides organization and implementation of festivals and public and private forums. We, the group of Egyptian men and women, adopt a vision through which we seek to achieve our goals to delight everyone with careful planning and study for organizing and organizing events, conferences, festivals and all organizations under an integrated system. Just as everyone’s happiness is our goal, the time factor is one of the important factors for us, and here lies the challenge for us. Our accomplishments lie in implementing our actions with high accuracy in the shortest time

Our Mission

Enhance and improve our relationship with our valued customers, maintain their satisfaction and meet their requirements by providing events in an appropriate manner

Our Vision

To be one of the largest companies that rearrange the numbers of unemployment and remove them from the planet, and to become one of the leading and distinguished companies in providing all internal activities for the cities of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Our Values

Leadership - innovation - transparency - customer satisfaction


At Confidence Company, we are proud to provide all wide-ranging services to its clients and work with them to achieve the goals to reach the satisfaction of all


Success Partners

علاء محمد محمود

مؤسس الشركه

Mr. Ala'a Mohamed Mahmoud


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